My experience trying Beemium, and then switching back to Infinibee

So, for background - I’m a college student and there’s a recession going on :joy:

Beeminder has been the perfect fit for my kind of brain, but before Beeminder the context of college was enough pressure to keep me on track. (with the help of a Habitica to-do / habit list!) Over the sudden COVID-19 transition, Beeminder’s negative reinforcement served up the accountability I needed to finish the projects I wanted to do.

But once college started up, Beeminder kept working but I was derailing more often because I’m on my senior year at college and there’s a lot of activities that took up almost every minute I can time block, alongside the demands of socialization and real life derailments! Being a college student, I needed to save every dollar I could, so I switched my plan from Infinibee to Beemium (Student) and switched my goals to pledgeless goals, hoping the motivation of seeing the graph in the green would keep me going - and it did, mostly! But there were a few tasks that easily fell to the periphery that I ended up neglecting without the negative reinforcement, which I didn’t want to increase their pledges due to my cost-saving focus. The important goals, however, stayed on track. But in the process, I realized I lost two things.

A) Negative Reinforcement where you need it

It turns out, reinforcement is most needed for me in the small tasks you can’t bring yourself to do in the moment but end up kicking yourself for not finding the fifteen minutes to do them. But the aforementioned budgetary constraints kept me from switching goals that I needed to switch to negative reinforcement!

B) Lack of the other type of reinforcement

Derailing when it’s non-legit makes you deal with support, which made any derail require that much more attention to deal with. The combination of the above two factors when I was on Infinibee made my gallery almost all green! But switching to Beemium, when you derail you can actually fix the graph mostly by yourself, so I ended up going from speaking regularly to support on Infinibee to almost never with Beemium! This I feel is one of the stronger detriments of my move from Infinibee to Beemium - the lack of a sense of social accountability for certain types of derails.

My solution to this is to switch back to Infinibee, but archive my goals on the current pledge schedule and replace them with goals on the new pledge schedule, (which goes 0 → 1$ → 5$ iirc,) much more affordable for a student compared to the default pledge schedule, and I imagine for others in unpleasant economic situations.

I would have liked to keep my current goals intact and switch pledge schedules. While I can import my data into the new goals, I can see the data points but lack the line graph for points before the new goal start date. I imagine I could have looked into it further. I do hear that one pledge schedule is going to subsume the other pledge schedule, explaining the lack of ability to change between schedules, but if not it would have been a great quality of life boone for the type of switch I am undergoing now with more than twenty something goals, most of them I have had to manually recreate to do this.

I may update this post in a few months if this gets a significant development!


I know the forum says “don’t write thank you posts, use the like function” but thank you for that post!
I’m such a rebel, I know.
But hold on draconic Beeminder overlords, don’t delete this post just yet, for there is more:
I never switched to Beemium because, as @dreev himself put it (I think? Actually it might just have been text on the website somewhere, but oh look, I actually just wanted to highlight @dreev): Why would you even want Beemium? It offers tools to reduce the incentive and offers more distraction on top of that (Discord with the staff). And it costs twice as much.
I was afraid that what you described happened to you would also happen to me. I’m in a similar situation being a college student and all, so thanks for telling us how you went there so I don’t have to :wink:

P.S.: Hi @dreev!

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