My Weight Loss Progress

Hi folks!

This might not be a good place to post something like this, but I have a fun pair of photos that show my weight loss through Beeminder.

This is me and my son, February 14th 2015.

I saw this picture a few days later, and signed up for Beeminder and started beeminding my weight on February 24.

This is me and my son from yesterday, Jan 2 2016. I’m wearing the same hoodie!

That’s about 45 pounds between the two pictures.

I’ve had a little regression over the holidays–nothing I’m worried about, but I want to get over it. Then it’s the trickier part–keeping it off and building just a little more muscle!



(How much weight did your son gain?)

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(My son gained ~8 pounds.) I did some pullups with him strapped to my
chest in the fall!

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Just awesome! Congrats! :slight_smile:

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