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New feature: Dashboard view

Very nice and effective view of the goals.

I have only 5 goals, 2 of them are exercising more (Duolingo and Misfit steps), the view is OK, I know what I Have to do.

I have two goals, which are to limit how much I can spend on some items, you board tells me the maximum I’m allowed to spend and permits me to enter a new expense, PERFECT !

But the last view is very strange, the goal is loosing weight, and the board tells me to gain weight (+0.67) in 61 days, I don’t know what it means. I think for loosing weight, I must have a limit (like for the money) and something about the number of days before weighting.

The colored labels are nice, but you could indicate in those labels the percentage of goal committed with two nuances of same color (darker for committed and lighter for to come). Maybe it is difficult to define for some kind of goals, like spending less money.


Woah TIL! This is perfect for my beelint goal, thanks!


I like the idea of the dashboard, but it doesn’t show the data I care about so will never use it as it is.

I look at the number of days remaining on my goals. If it is 7 or more I am still on track; anything below 7 days is something I’ve slipped on and need to focus on.

The dashboard shows the due date, but in the middle of the deadline between the amount and exact time of the goal. Since most of my goals are enter 1 if I did it type of goals, seeing that I need to do .29 is meaningless, and the time it is due never changes.

If it had a separate column for the days remaining and sorted by that then I might use it since it would be easier to enter the days data.


It does have that! But it’s really non obvious and imperfect right now since it doesn’t save that as your preference. If you click on the deadline ("+3 by 11 March at 3 am" for example) it will toggle between that format and the “14 days” format. Thanks for pointing that out as a showstopper for you!


Thanks! I never would have thought to click on the plain text.

Part of the issue is that the data columns widths are inconsistent. If I click between the pledge and deadline column header it hits the pledge box and changes the sort order, but if I slide the mouse down now it’s over the Deadline column data. So while you do see the mouse pointer instead of the cursor and get a tooltip when you hover over it, it’s still not really discoverable.

One final nitpick. I’d like to see the number of days for my do less goal as well, instead of just limit +4.29.


Couple of buggy things I noticed with the sorting:

  • Sorting by slug works for all my goals except “515” which gets put somewhere different each time I sort. Oddly, my other goal slug that is a number, “509gg”, sorts correctly and consistently.
  • Sorting by recently entered data puts my misfit autodata goals (sleep and steps) much higher up the list than they should be. Data was last entered on the 9th, and they are sorting between two goals that have had data entered today.

Overall, I really like this view! It does make me wish even more for integer-y goals to be an easy option, though. It would look much cleaner, and probably less overwhelming for newbees, without all the unnecessary decimal places. 100% agree with this being the front page when signed in, I would use it a lot. Thanks for making it!

Edited to add that it would also be helpful to have time-based goals display as HH:MM:SS due.


Thanks for the feedback! the “515” bug is fixed now. I think the issue with misfit is that we add a datapoint automatically for those, so it’s picking that datapoint up and thinking the goal’s been updated more recently than it has. So a bit trickier to fix, but noted and on the list!


Good catch on the column widths! I’ve got a fix for that and it’ll be live shortly. Do less days coming soon as well.


I like that the previous value is there for datapoint entry, allowing for 1-click entry of data.
Although I expect that comment remembering is something that some other people really like,
I would prefer if it just remembered the numeric data value and always left the comment area blank.

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That said, there also seems to be a bug, because the pre-filled comment has become attached to the wrong goal now :confused:

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Thanks for the report! Pushing a fix now. In general datapoint comment remembering is discouraged elsewhere in the UI so I’m going to stick to that convention.

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Great! This view is a lot more useful to me than the default gallery since I have a lot of goals, with few goals that might not always be eeping at any particular moment but I still need to keep up with.

Down the road, it would be cool to be able to add comments from this view, not just data values. For now this is a very useful way to see all goals at a glance. (If this is here to stay I’m probably going to switch off non-eep day email notifications.)


Same, wouldn’t have thought to click on that, but cool! I’d think a little typography could help the deadline column as well. That’s more of an armchair critique, but I think if the value needed number were all aligned and maybe separated a little (either in a little box or just bold/bigger or something) and the date/days remaining had the same styling, that could help. Not mono width fonts, but align them so they align vertically is what I’m thinking. Just my $0.02, not a critical need.


Oh man, I really like this. Immediately makes sense to me (daily Beeminder user for more than a year). Looks like a lot less clicking to do more.

My only suggestion, would be to use this design as a starting point for a redesign on the iPhone app.


I might like this — though I’m not sure that the way “Quick Add Data” now links here is quite right. (But maybe that’s just the change from the old quick-add slowing me down.)

I concur with the request to have goal names more immediately visible (I’m finding several of my slugs are confusingly similar) and to have the data-has-been-entered-today indicator visible as well (I’ve got several once-a-day goals; the goal gallery has the checkmark, and on the graph page you can see the last date entered directly, but there’s no way to see this from the dashboard).


I like this, and it seems that most of the tweaks I would suggest have already been brought up.

Have to confess I’m confused about the necessity of displaying the slug rather than the title. I get why both have to exist and the utility of both, but it would seem fairly trivial to use the title for display purposes here, and be much more intuitive/less intimidating for a new user.

Would like to bang the drum again for the ceiling function on integer-y goals… having to write 0.014 of a blog post by a date is actually having to write 1 blog post by that date (again, more important for new users but I don’t want to forget now that I’m used to it)

But this is great, much clearer than the current goals gallery, good work :slight_smile:


Ack, clicking on the “fetch data” button for auto goal just comes up with an error.

Otherwise really nice.


Thanks for the bug report @tomjen! I can see that too, so should be able to fix shortly.

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I’d really like to see that last data point entered and when. As it is now I sometimes enter data in the night, sometimes in the morning, sometimes skip a day. The dashboard would be more convenient than the goals quick add data section, but for the fact that I can’t see this.


Can you change the tab order so that it includes the add button.
So it goes: Value -> Comment -> Add

Currently it does:
Value -> Comment -> Next value down.