Poor man's Yousician integration

Today I hacked together a poor man’s Yousician integration and I thought I might as well show it off in here.

Yousician is an Android app for guitar practice. Obviously I use Beeminder to make sure that I practice playing on my guitar regularly.

Here’s a Tasker task I connected to the ‘Yousician app is running’ profile to automatically enter a datapoint about my guitar practice into Beeminder

Please note that it waits 10 minutes and checks if Yousician is still open - that ensures that I actually use it, and it was not just that I opened this app accidentally with my clumsy fingers.


Thanks for the inspiration!

I just added a task for my daily Anki practice, I was not aware that Beeminder has a Tasker plugin.


This is very smart! Personally I just use TagTime to beemind my music practice.