Random Reinforcement/Stimulus in Self-Binding?

Most forms of classical conditioning are more effective when the reinforcing reward occurs randomly. This shows up in stuff like gambling addiction, etc.

Has anyone experimented with using self-binding mechanism that introduce randomness in reward? For example, rolling dice after a pomodoro and getting some sort of reward (say, listening to your favorite song) if you get boxcars?

There’s also a few studies about how using a lottery system for reinforcing folks to take medication is more effective than simply paying them.

I’m not sure what type of goals they’d be the best fit for either…


Here’s a related suggestion from Uservoice about intermittent punishments, which I don’t think works. Rewards, yes.

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TagTime is a stochastic time-tracker; getting a needed ‘ping’ on an emergency day sure feels like a reward.

It also increases anxiety/focus if you’re skating the edge of your road, or prone to goofing off. Because you won’t know whether you’ll get a ‘ping’ before midnight, or whether it’ll come when your bladder demands a short break… (:

q.v. the discussion from Beeminiding productivity