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Rate change on weekends only



I’m studying a set number of hours per day and I’d like to do more hours on weekends. I’m a procrastinator so the way I use beeminder is always in the red, thus just upping my total number of hours per week won’t work as I’ll instinctively try to distribute the hours evenly over the week as they’re due.

I got beemium and tried to use road editor but just messed up my graph. Any advice for making weekends have a rate of 70 and weekdays have a rate of 40?

This is what I tried doing… Is it the redundancies that made my goal have a road dial error? Is there an easier way to make the rate vary depending on day of the week? I was planning to try and fail a couple times until I got it right, but after I tried this first draft I get the “Couldn’t update the road: can’t validate a road with an error” whenever I try to click Undo Road Error. So I figure I should make sure I know what I want to do before I try again.



This almost certainly violates the principle to not make special-case exceptions… BUT I’m pretty sure we can manually adjust the weekend rate for an individual goal without too much trouble. In fact I’ll do that now and hopefully not break everything, and also hopefully not unleash a flood of similar requests! If you need to change it from 70 just email


Thanks! Looks good for next weekend but I was hoping to have a rate of 70 every single Saturday and Sunday all the way until March 13th. Is that something you can do as well? From the graph it looks like it has a rate of 70 for only next Sat/Sun, and then after that weekends are back at 40.


I can’t speak to your situation in particular, but on my graphs the weekend feature is only calculated within the akrasia horizon (so only the closest weekend is shown, but they all show up eventually as I approach them).


Oh okay, perfect. Thanks!

And thanks again apb.


Yep! What @gretchen said is exactly right.


Wow! Has this always been an option? Because I don’t remember it ever being mentioned over the years of asking for weekends off, and the launched implementation of weekends off doesn’t do this either. I mean I certainly would have leveraged this a long time ago if I had known.


@drtail, this is just a guess, but I suspect the weekends off code lets him
set the “weekend rate” to something non-zero, behind the scenes.


I’d certainly like a feature that allowed for user-selected weekend rates, including the option of 0 or “weekends off.”

Weekend Only Goals

I’d definitely really like that as a feature as well. I’d like weekends to have different rates for several of my goals, but I won’t bug you to do it since I might end up wanting to adjust my rates again if I overshoot or undershoot. Wish road editor was a bit simpler.


I d love that too, please!