Rearranging settings

Continuing the discussion from Layman questions:

Are there any plans to re-arrange the locations of the settings?
I think some of the basic ones are terrifying and some of the advanced ones aren’t.


Yeah, definitely. I’ll make this message a wiki if you want to help with the rearranging! A pretty deep reorganization is called for. We have user/account settings, goal settings (confusingly split between basic and advanced and reminders and supporters), and settings like pledge level and road dial that are available only on the graph page itself.

Account Settings

  • username
  • auth token
  • email
  • nickname
  • full name
  • url
  • about me
  • global callback url
  • phone number
  • timezone
  • premium: exquisitely fair slider, etc
  • beemail setting (daily, weekly, etc)
  • bot reminders (fwomp)
  • new password / verify new password
  • payment: card on file
  • pending/paid pledges (accessible from Your Account menu or link from Payment tab)
  • outstanding payments
  • use a different card
  • profile picture: currently only available by linking to gravatar
  • services: list of oauth and autodata services you’ve authorized
  • goal defaults

Goal Settings


  • title (string; like a longer version of slug with spaces allowed)
  • slug (string; only premium users can change this)
  • statement (string; longer than title; see related thread)
  • y-axis label (string)
  • x-min (date; aka tmin)
  • secret (boolean; default false)
  • public data (boolean; default false)
  • featurable (boolean; link to this graph on
  • weasleproof (boolean)
  • no mercy (boolean; dangerous to check this, obviously)
  • pledgecap (dollar amount)
  • auto-quit (boolean; strongly recommended to leave this false)
  • nanowrimo (boolean; deprecated)
  • runkeeper activities to count
  • fine print

Terrifyingly Advanced

  • rate units
  • steppy line
  • rosy line
  • turquoise swath (aka aura)
  • moving average
  • x-max (date; aka tmax)
  • y-min (number)
  • y-max (number)
  • hide y-axis numbers
  • deadline (currently just in reminder settings; also linked to from graph page)
  • sort threshold (deprecated)
  • autoratchet (max safe days; premium only)
  • callback (aka webhook)
  • pessimistic presumptive reports (boolean)
  • data source ({zapier, api, manual})
  • twitter handle and hashtag (broken?)
  • trello lists that count as Done

Custom (premium only)

  • yaw
  • dir
  • exproad
  • kyoom
  • odom
  • edgy (deprecated)
  • noisy (deprecated)
  • aggday
  • plotall
  • absolute lane width (abslnw)

Utilities that are currently mixed in with settings

  • convert a goal to custom to enable custom settings (premium only)
  • rescale
  • archive goal

Utilities on the graph page

  • retroratchet
  • refresh graph / fetch new data

Goal settings only available on graph page

  • pledge amount (buttons to decrease/increase if allowed)
  • road dial (goal date, goal value/total, rate)
  • scheduled breaks

Goal settings only available in the gallery

  • backburner/frontburner


  • supporters
  • reminder start time
  • reminder lead days
  • whether to inherit defaults (remrev thing, now gotten rid of)

A couple principles for rearranging settings:

  1. Instead of separate tabs, have collapsible sections. It’s really nice to be able to grep (aka “control-f”) for things on the page.
  2. I really like the partitioning of “play with these to your heart’s delight” vs “we probably know better than you how these should be set”. The latter are like Chesterton’s Fences – don’t change them unless you understand why we chose the defaults we did.

That (#2) was kind of the idea with Basic vs Terrifyingly Advanced, but, as @insti points out, there are miscategorized settings. I’m thinking the settings page could have all the sections for Basic settings expanded by default and collapsed for Advanced, but easy to expand everything so you can grep.

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