Request: filter Breaks page by tags

On the Breaks page, I would like it if I could filter the list by specific tag(s), similar to how I can filter my goals on the dashboard by tags.

E.g., tags could be specified in the URL with a hashmark:

  • i.e., similar to,fun

Or with a query parameter:


Also, loosely related and perhaps not important enough for a whole new forum post:
Newer users might find it helpful if the “Take A Break” section for each goal had a link to the Breaks page (“Need to add breaks to several goals? [link]”). But that might be more cluttery than it’s worth.


I’m loathe to suggest improvements to the tags, since they haven’t seen a lot of love in a while. But I support this request. To signal-boost tags being important to people, I’ve posted my separate tags issue. It’s tangentially related to your proposal, since it concerns an issue with how the tags are specified in the URL.

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