Request: put the date in the subject line on derail emails

@bee @dreev @adamwolf

Currently, if the pledge amount stays the same, multiple derailments for the same goal on different days have identical subject lines. This means that if an email client sorts threads by subject line, they get put in the same thread.

I request that the date be put in the subject line, giving each derailment a unique subject and a separate thread.


Threads based on subject lines is completely ridiculous and wrong and that’s exactly what the References header in RFC 1036 (section 2.2.5) was defined for:

2.2.5. References
This field lists the Message-ID’s of any messages prompting the
submission of this message. It is required for all follow-up
messages, and forbidden when a new subject is raised.

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Interesting… so does gmail do it incorrectly, or is beeminder putting message IDs for previous days’ derailments in the Reference field?

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I checked the full headers and it looks like it is gmail’s fault. :frowning:

I still would like the date in the subject line though.

Is this still happening to you? Google says it shouldn’t be.

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Yes, it’s still happening.

That link you posted is for Gsuite accounts, but mine is a regular Gmail account.

I just checked my Gmail account and Beeminder notification emails are threaded for me, too.

To be fair, most of the places I see this are in Eep! emails which aren’t such a big deal, since incrementing pledges make it less likely to happen for derails.

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I hope google extends the gsuite fix to regular gmail accounts.

But hopefully @dreev and @adamwolf will add the lines of code that put the date in the subject line as well.

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