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Skritter Users who wanna help out?


It definately doubles each days work ( maybe it happens through me actively refreshing the goal)?


I have attached skritter to my account, how do I add a goal using it?




I’m working on a blog post and official launch, but more people trying it out is definitely good! c.f. the 32 messages worth of debugging so far :slight_smile:

@larsivi I fixed the doubling data today. I have to look into the end-of-dayness still. I guess Skritter counts end of day as 3 or 4am… gotta look up the documentation and probably just change deadlines on Skritter goals I guess.


@natenshon: (and there may still be a bug with the redirect after authorizing Beeminder to access your Skritter data – let us know if you see that!)


I did have the bug but if I repeated the access process it linked it to my
account. How often does the data refresh as I did some studying this




It syncs each time before the bot emails you, and right at the deadline. If you’ve just done some skrittering and want to force it to refresh, use the refresh button above the graph.

Hard-committing to the next batch of autodata integrations

Here’s a preview of the blog post announcing Skritter!

This will be our next blog post, which will be Monday at the latest! (per our blogging goal)

And again, the landing page for creating skritter goals is here:


One quick question, I skritter on 2 devices, my iphone and my ipad mini, my studying from only my iphone seems to be captured is there a reason for that? Otherwise very cool and has pushed me to study more.


I haven’t really skrittered on more than one device for a long time, and then it was one Android and one website. But maybe there is some syncing issue with one of your devices, or that Skritter has issues with two iThings providing time data?

Maybe @nick can provide some suggestions? At least it sounds to me like this is a Skritter issue and not a Beeminder issue.


The iPhone and iPad should both be sending data to the Skritter server, which sends it to Beeminder. So if Beeminder is only getting study time from the iPhone, then probably there is a problem with sending data to the server from your iPad, like maybe it didn’t sync that day yet. Does the time show up on the Skritter progress page?


@larsivi, @natenshon – did you all figure out the syncing thing with multiple devices?


I think it is still having problems with a single device, I will try using
just one to skritter today and the other for tomorrow and make sure each




Unfortunately it seems not to be getting my skritter data from my iPad or from my iPhone, here is my time from the skritter web page which doesn’t show up on my goal, is there anything I can do?


yep, it’s only counting some of my time. It seems to be the time spent in the web client, as @natenshon says. I do most Skrittering in the iOS app. Hopefully editing the data manually will prevent losing freebees in the meantime…


Talking to one user, it sounds like they were working offline on their iPad while traveling away from regular internet, and it was just a design problem on our end that we didn’t check for data for previous days once they did finally sync the app upon returning home. @dobbsbob & @natenshon does it sound like this could explain the discrepancies you’re seeing?

I will try re-pulling the last week’s data.



Mine was on iPad connected to WIfi or iPhone with active cellular
connection. Could it be that there is a different property being checked as
mine does show up in the skritter progress log?


@bee My phone is on Wifi. It hasn’t been gone for an extended period.

The new data is correct, though a couple points (June 13 & 14, out of 11-16) are still from manual input.


My data for a whole bunch of back days just showed up which is really nice :slight_smile: Thanks


Yesterday is showing 0.16916666666666666 (Last fetch: about 5 hours ago.)

Should be 0.77…


My data seems to show up in lumps, for instance all my data through the 14h showed up, but all the data since then isn’t there, could there be some sort of weekly reconcilation or some such, as the skritter graph seems to be up to date

but my goal doesn’t show the progress