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Take the Beeminder founders' money


Oh, it might be that my credit card failed when Beeminder tried to charge it (I got new fancy chip&PIN card! (he says, as everyone not in America rolls their eyes)).

Just zoomed in to confirm that the answer is no (:


You need to enable public data on /b/bupgrades and /d/eme


If I’m allowed to claim bounties I’m claiming If not… someone else should probably jump on second place.


Disregard :slight_smile:


Ha, too funny, we’ve been talking about the noon deadline for our Habitica guest post for the last 48 hours or so and @apb naturally assumed we were referring to a Beeminder deadline rather than the “old-fashioned kind of deadline”. It didn’t help that last week we added a flat spot to the blog meta graph so we wouldn’t have to worry about timing of guest posts with Habitica.

In summary: no actual derailment there!


Sorry, again (but if I don’t I’m betting Insti is right on my heels!)

(If it helps, I’m going to use all of the credit to partly make up for the fact that I’ve recently DERAILED ALL THE THINGS.)


(But I see the datapoint has now been entered, so maybe it was done and just not entered. If so, disregard!)


I highly approve of you leaping on these, @mary! In this case I rashly counted on having a few extra minutes per fine print item 4 [1] and got away with it…

[1] Quoting from the top of this thread:


Totally fair! I have been on the “you should be allowed to use the same loopholes as us” side of things for a while now!


Not to be too repetitive, but:

(Pending verification that it actually derails, post-loophole that is!)


Shotgun this one too:
(Pending actual derailment if you guys don’t end up getting it in before it cycles, that is.)


Confirmed $90 + $10 to @mary for the last 2 derailments!


Beemail looks derailed.


Ah,spoke too soon. It was derailed for about 90 seconds.


Yeah, we eked by again, per fine print item #4. False alarms like this should be a good incentive for me not to do that! (But by all means you should continue pouncing until we close that loophole, just in case.)


Uh, seems to have derailed… but it was yesterday, right? (On the other hand, nobody has claimed it yet. On the third hand, it still was yesterday. On the fourth hand, what have I got to lose?)


Confirmed, $270 to @artyomkazak! (When no one pounced I put a subtle hint in the daily beemail. :slight_smile: )


I hope Bethany’s okay – she derailed on as of 13:00 EST 3 February 2016.

Edit: I take it back, she squeaked in at exactly :00!


Yeah, it was exciting! :slight_smile: Thanks for helping keep us on our toes!


Derail? Dot looks red.

I’m seconding the concern on Bethany? She alright?