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Take the Beeminder founders' money


Oh, I just realized this one was not on the metabeeminding list. Oops. Ignore that then.


Infrahancements derailed?


Bee eked by on her infra goal, per the fine print item #4 (I almost called it the dumb fine print but the stupidity is in the fact that Beeminder even has such a loophole, which is an infrastructure issue that Bee’s infra goal is helping address!). And, yeah, her tocks goal wasn’t on the list, so I guess we’re off the hook on that one too. Though she’s kicking herself for letting that one derail. With credit card fees and taxes and other equity holders it’s still a pretty decent sting even with the money going to one’s own company.

PS: @bee sends hugs and thanks for the well-wishes. Y’all are the best! She’s up to her eyeballs in upgrading our ORM from Mongomapper to Mongoid (and godknowswhat ripple effects that’s had). She says she has it working in dev but now it took so long that merging that branch of the code is itself going to be a painful ordeal.


sptzero derailment…




Infra derailed?


Good news and bad news: We eked by again on fine print item #4 (tweeting the infrahancement before Beeminder processed the derailment) but we actually had another recent one that no one caught and decided to pay it to a random person but I think we’ll reward your diligence and pay it to you instead. So you do get $270 today! (Just DM’d you.)


Sorry (especially considering all the extra work with the upgrades) [1]
(This will help me start making up for my expensive derailment yesterday!)

[1] Assuming you don’t end up getting in under the wire, of course.


Confirmed $30 to @mary! [X]


Sorry again: [1]

(I officially think you should step down your pledges, too!
Remember the whole “bee nice to yourself” thing!)

[1] The usual “in under the wire” caveat applies.


I can’t get the infra metagoal to open:


I sort of maybe thought I had tweeted the infra the night before, but turns out I did not tweet the infra beforehand, so this one goes to chipmanaged. [X]


Is infra derailed again?


I’m still not able to get the infra goal to load. Same error message as above.


And the prize for this week’s fskup goes to Nevan [paid]


Thanks Bethany, and sorry too.


Is support zero derailed?


Is infra off again?


Spoke too soon, I see it’s back on track.


We did eke by (again) but you didn’t speak too soon! As soon as the deadline hits you should claim it and ask questions later. (: