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TaskRatchet Development Updates

Hi, Nathan - can you explain how the Beeminder intergration works? Do I set up a Beeminder goal to complete tasks in Taskratchet before the deadline that I set?

Yeah @narthur I never got an email announcing the integration :frowning: :slightly_frowning_face: :frowning_face: :sob: :crying_cat_face: :cry: - is there documentation somewhere?

Sure! The integration is super simple right now. All it lets you do is beemind adding tasks to TaskRatchet. So basically it will post a 1 with a summary of the task to a goal you choose whenever you create a new TaskRatchet task.

To set it up, click “Enable Beeminder integration” in your account page. That will take you to Beeminder where you’ll have the opportunity to grant TaskRatchet access to your Beeminder data. Once you’ve granted it, you should be redirected back, at which point you can specify the name of the goal you want TaskRatchet to post to when you create a task.

I have lots of ideas for how to make this integration better (including some that @zedmango suggested!) but that’s all we’ve got for now. :slight_smile:

I don’t remember committing to announcing every new feature by email. :wink: But you’re absolutely right about getting some documentation together. It’s on my list!


Ok, quick and dirty, we have a docs site! It’s hosted on GitHub, so please feel free to add issues and/or make pull requests.


Made a pull request! This is fun!

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Nice!! Approved and merged. :smile:

I’m leaving on a trip and won’t be back until June 19. If you run into any issues or for whatever reason want to reach out, please email me at and I’ll try to get back with you as soon as I return from my trip!

Remember, replying to charge emails puts a pause on them, so reply to it as soon as you receive it if you think the charge shouldn’t go through.

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I’ve been back for a while, and working hard on the product! Better update coming soon…

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  • Catch charge authorization failures
  • Set chargeable flag to false on user when charge authorization fails
  • Modify stripe hook to handle missing user
  • Catch morning email failures
  • Validate registration requests
  • Fix email-already-taken check when updating /me


  • Improve login form error handling
  • Improve login form loading state
  • Extract input component
  • Add testing
  • Run tests and security audit in CI
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Hi. Just learned about TaskRatchet and signed up, but…I’m unclear about how it works with Beeminder. Do I create a Beeminder goal? And does TaskRatchet rely exclusively on me saying that I completed my task?


Hi, @astrotsarina. Great questions!

You can use TaskRatchet without connecting it to Beeminder at all. Just add a task, and TaskRatchet will charge you if you don’t complete it by the deadline you set. The Beeminder integration allows you to have TaskRatchet post to a Beeminder goal when you create a new task.

That’s right, TaskRatchet relies on you to tell it when you’ve completed a task. We don’t double-check that you’re telling the truth. If you’re looking for something that does that, Boss as a Service is probably closer to what you’re looking for. Unfortunately I don’t think they’re currently accepting new users.

Please let me know if you have any more questions, issues, or feedback! You can also email me at

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I was curious to how Taskratchet compares as a service to a website like (sorry for the foul language) I know it has the Beeminder integration and that’s really neat. But just wondering.

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Interesting! I just made a goal using GFDI and here are my notes:

  • TaskRatchet lets you set a pledge of any dollar increment from $1 to $2,500, whereas GFDI only allows pledges of $25, $50, $100, $250, and $1000.
  • TaskRatchet tasks are on your honor, while GFDI requires that you pull a “supervisor” into the deal to ensure you’re playing fair.
  • TaskRatchet lets you mark a task complete any time between now and the deadline. GFDI waits until the deadline and then emails your supervisor to ask them if you completed the task or not.
  • TaskRatchet lets you login to see a list of all your outstanding tasks, as well as a history of all your previous tasks. GFDI doesn’t appear to have login or account functionality.

GFDI looks to be a way to set up weasel-proof commitments for large one-time milestones.

In contrast, TaskRatchet is a todo app with built-in commitment contracts on your honor that works great for tasks of any size.

Hope that helps!

3 Likes - “launch app” is demanding to register and login before linking app store.

Not sure how many people were lost there, I certainly stopped (in such case I always want to see reviews before registration).

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Unfortunately there isn’t a phone app yet, it’s just in the browser. Definitely on the list of things to do though!

Then why it is describe as “launch app” if there is no app? If I would know that it works as web page then maybe I would actually try it!

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Hmm, that’s a great point! Would it be less confusing if the button was “Launch Web App?”

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Yes, it would be much better. I was sincerely sure that it is iphone/android app, not a website.

(personally I dislike name of web app - just call it website - but that is likely just my personal preference)

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What about just “log in” and “sign up”? No “launching”, no “apps”.

(Btw, I think “login” is the noun and “log in” is the verb.)


I’ve started posting UVI’s to the TaskRatchet Twitter account. @zedmango, I think that may be the feature announcements you were wanting?


  • Deployed a quick fix that lets me manually turn off morning emails on a per-user basis
  • Added a note to the bottom of morning emails letting users know they can ask me to do that
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