Tell me about your experiences with internal conflict

I’m currently running a survey on peoples’ experience working with internal conflict: what conflicts are common, what techniques people have used most effectively, and other demographic factors, etc. The main driver behind me running this survey is to collect information to inform the development of an online workshop I’m planning to run sometime in the next few months to help people untangle their internal conflicts.

Here’s the link:

In addition, I figure that there might also be some interesting correlations that come out of it to, so it’s also a very preliminary investigation into the general field of internal-conflict-management. If you’d like to analyze the data, I’m happy to provide it (anonymous & excluding long-answers which might be de-anonymizing).

I figured that the Beeminder community would be an obvious group to survey about this :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah! I’d appreciate it immensely if you fill out the survey, and you may also find it useful for your own reflection.

Go ahead and post thoughts on internal conflict to this forum thread as well!

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I took the survey and found the questions quite interesting!