The coveted Inner Hexagon

  1. Do you read the blog religiously?
  2. Do you know all the obscure Beeminder features?
  3. Do you read the daily or weekly beemails?
  4. Do you have a fancy premium plan or would like to if it fit your budget?
  5. Do you beemind lots of different kinds of things?
  6. Do I click “like” on most of your forum posts?

If so then maybe you’d like to be in our super secret semi private sub-forum called The Inner Hexagon. It includes excessively frank discussions of pricing, the upcoming redesign, a/b tests that it’s better for the public not to be aware of, graphs and data and implementation questions (that we rarely mind being public but might be too much nitty-gritty for public consumption). Maybe trash-talking competitors? Actually we’re wholly sincere about our love of our competitors and if we do trash-talk them we’re happy to do it publicly.

Anyway, just get in touch if you’d be into that. Or if you said yes to all the questions above but InnerHex sounds like too much fun and you need to not let yourself get sucked into rabbit holes like that, still ping me because I have other things to potentially ask you…

PS: And some debate in InnerHex about next autodata integrations, though we’re now committed to the very next one being Todoist.


interested :slight_smile:

Well, I’d be interested, even though I’m not super active in the forums, nor a long term user.

interested :slight_smile:

You mean I’ve been on the outer hexagon up until now? :scream:


I at least skirt the edges of this hexagon …

I’m interested!


Interested too!




Oh, wow! I didn’t anticipate this much interest! I fear I’m in danger of defeating the point. We still want most discussion to happen in public so I don’t want InnerHex to be the new place for all the cool kids.

How about this: can I impose another filter which is to send me a quick email with your answers to the 6 questions? I want to start individual conversations with many of you anyway.

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Isn’t the first rule of the Inner Hexagon not to speak of the Inner Hexagon? Or is that, hire better PR people than your ex does?

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If you didn’t want it to be a place for all the cool kids, you probably shouldn’t have called it the “coveted Inner Hexagon”. :slight_smile:


re: 1, yes.
re: 2 - 6, if I had more time… yes.
re: “the upcoming redesign” --> eager to see this, as this is imho mission critical for usability. Hope the onboarding gets a thorough improvement in terms of simplicity. As for me (not that much time) it was hard to understand & setup.

Yes please.