timecarrot = stickK + rescueTime

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From: Daniel Reeves dreeves@umich.edu
Date: Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 14:40
Subject: timecarrot = stickK + rescueTime

Thanks to Neema for pointing me to timecarrot.com. It’s a bit rough
around the edges but a cool idea.
You all know about stickK.com, which facilitates commitment contracts
on arbitrary goals (but no visualization or daily accountability, like
with Beeminder).
You also may have heard of rescuetime.com which automatically tracks
your time by recording how long you spend in different applications or
web pages.

So timecarrot combines those ideas: You tell it what sites or apps
you waste time on and set up a real monetary commitment contract where
you put up some money and the rest is on auto-pilot – you waste too
much time and you lose. I’m trying it now (with just a dollar at

I think our own beeminder subsidiary, timepie, handles this sort of
thing much better, for the reasons explained at
messymatters.com/tagtime but there are several things we
can learn from this worthy competitor!

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