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Timer integration


My actual goal is to spend about twenty minutes a day VERBing.

Right now, the number I’m tracking is “number of twenty-minute VERBing sessions.” But really some days I do more than twenty minutes and some days I do less, and so I’d like to make it finer-grained and track “minutes spent VERBing.”

So what I really want, to cut down on friction, is integration with a timer app. I push a button when I start VERBing, push it again when I stop VERBing, and the number of minutes elapsed is added up automatically and added to my Beeminder goal.

How might I do that? Do any of the services with existing integrations offer a feature like this?


If you use Android, you’re in luck! The android app has this built in.


iPhone only, I’m afraid. :frowning:


That sounds like a thing I would also use, if it were a thing (for iOS or desktop, preferably desktop).


The Nectar mobile app also has a timer built in.

It is available for Windows laptops and desktops.


How about using Emacs Org-mode for that? I’ve been doing exactly that for a few years now.


One complicated way to do this is to use Toggl, and then to use Zapier to integrate Toggl with Beeminder. That’s what I’ve done for a huge number of “minutes spent VERBing” goals.


The latest version of the iOS app (5.0) includes a timer mode and is now in the App Store.

New mobile app (Android, iOS, Windows), plus 7 new integrations!

This is why I really want full toggl integration; it would save me a lot of manual data entry (and also enable a bunch of interesting combination beeminder goals that are too tedious to manage now)


Which is great, thank you!

Would it be possible to get it to optionally take a comment when you save the datapoint from the timer too?


Yes! I can work on adding that as well.