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Todoist Recurring Tasks?

Are recurring tasks in Todoist up and running now? Or still a beta feature? I’d love to use it…

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It wasn’t exactly a “beta” feature, to be accurate – it just wasn’t possible for us to implement in a reliable way because of the way Todoist’s API worked, so we didn’t have it implemented at all. Now that they’ve made some changes on their side, we were able to add support for recurring tasks, and that’s been working a-OK and available for everyone for a couple of months now!

We’d love to hear more about how that was unclear/why you thought it was some kind of beta feature, if there’s some copy on the site or in the Help Docs that was confusing for you – it’s something we can hopefully tweak and make clearer going forward.

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Ok, I thought I remembered something about it now being available, but not widely, or something from a weekly email. That’s what I described as’beta". Apologies for getting it wrong.

Dictated and/or sent from my phone. Please forgive any typos.

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Ahh, we did briefly have a test phase before we converted people’s old goals over, but it became available for everyone in that same week! :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying – I was worried we still had some old language somewhere about it not working.

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Thanks for asking (and to @shanaqui for answering)! Looks like it happened in June:

(followed by a flurry of followups so it makes sense that it seemed like it was pretty beta for a while!)