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Use Complice to Beemind Arbitrary Tasks


Hi @malcolm, pinging you again on the theory this has escaped your attention. Can you confirm that my issue above is user error and not implementation error? Thanks.


Sorry for the late reply! This is… somewhere in the weird gray area between user error and implementation error! It was working as designed, but the design had a subtle non-obvious non-optimality.

If you moused over the # icon, it used to say “track number in the task; either the last number or the number in the first regex group” and since your regex has a group, it was looking in there for the number. This is useful because it lets you beemind multiple numbers from the same intention. I used this for tracking calories, carbs, protein, awhile back:

But this seems pretty obviously dumb, so I’ve changed it so that it only tries using the user’s regex to find the number iff the user’s regex contains (\d+) somewhere. It doesn’t do this in the smartest way atm*, but I think it’ll suffice for all current implementations. And your thing should work now!

(*it uses the first regex group result that successfully parses as a number.)


Thanks, @malcolm! Looks like it’s working perfectly now. Gracias for digging around and solving the mystery. :slight_smile: