using IFTTT to implement goal referees

It occurs to me that Beeminder’s IFTTT integration could be used to implement goal referees similar to what stickK offers. For example, you could create one IFTTT recipe that tweets every time you post a data point, and another recipe that derails your Beeminder goal (i.e., by posting a data point of a certain positive or negative value) if a Twitter user of your choosing replies to that tweet with a certain phrase or hashtag.

Before I fiddled with this any further, I thought I should ask the people here for their thoughts. Any ideas on how to implement this more elegantly? Any ideas on how this could be implemented with Facebook instead of Twitter?


It’s worth noting, if only for future searchers, that Beeminder has a supporters feature that will email your peeps when you derail. Supporters is one of the tabs on each goal’s settings page.

This sounds like a great recipe for IFTTT, though I worry about the volume of datapoints (and hence of notifications), so sounds like it’s something to be used sparingly. What’d be really great would be if we could identify ‘anomalous’ datapoints and only notify your referee about those.

One Facebook thought: you can easily post to FB using IFTTT.

Maybe that post could contain a link that composes a tweet with your ‘secret’ hashtag. It’s a bit messy, but closes the loop if your referee clicks the link to refute your datapoint, and then confirms to tweet it, like this one that I made with the twitter link builder

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Advanced version of the Beeminder–Facebook–Twitter–Beeminder cycle:

Embed the datapoint value in the tweet link, and then use it to add an exact offset to your goal when your referee disputes it…

You could use our IFTTT Macros to extract the datapoint value and subtract it from your goal.

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