Visual road editor: testing feedback (feel free to add yours)

I finally got around to trying out the visual road editor that’s in the works (announced and linked in the May 31 daily beemail). My notes so far:

  • Ooooooooh ooh ooh ooh. swoons

  • After playing around at the demo page link, I logged in with my Beeminder account (giving it scary permissions to charge me money) and … nothing happened. It returned me to the demo page, which still lists the 7 test roads and not any of mine. Is that intentional? Is there currently no actual integration? It’s a little confusing; I’m not sure now what I’ve just given permission to access my Beeminder data… and I’m disappointed that I don’t see my own goals to play around with.


The current demo implementation is not yet integrated with the Beeminder system, it is only intended for general testing for the time being. The permission thing was also new to me, I assume it is a general feature that was recently integrated with Beeminder but the founders will be in a better position to answer that.

That being said, I am working on a better zooming interface, which I believe is the major weak aspect of the visual editor for the time being.


The road editor can edit your actual roads now! And submit them to Beeminder and everything. As in, you can use this for real already. Everyone, not just premium people.


@dreev visual road editor is completely bug free in my experience for quite a while now. What exactly is stopping you from integrating the graph part as a replacement of the image charts on the web version?

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The big hurdle at the moment is getting the road editor to generate a static image on the server without a browser. Definitely doable and @saranli has figured out the hard parts! The other hurdle is the javascript version makes some assumptions about Yellow Brick Half-Plane that the rest of Beeminder isn’t caught up to yet…

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