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What products solve problems you never realized needed to be solved?

@olimay wrote on the Beeminder blog:

When I went to Japan, I kept coming across products designed for things I didn’t realize were problems that needed solving (and that most people in the US wouldn’t really think about). But when I started using these products, I saw the quality of life improvement.

This sounds very cool!

What products have you seen that solve problems you never realized needed to be solved?


There’s always issues, when you go to different cultures like Japan they have different ways of doing things and you quickly realize that some things they are doing may be sub-optimal or in many cases may actually be an improvement to what you would otherwise consider normal.
The biggest one for me lately has been looking at money and seeing how central authority points may not be the best moving forward. Learning from that guide showed me things I never quite had looked into before.

This. A toothbrush wall mount with UV disinfecting light inside and a toothpaste dispenser.

I truly never realised this needed to be solved :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahaha, well that definitely solves the problem of “not enough stupid crap on my bathroom walls.”

How about a warmer for your baby wipes? I might get one.

Pretty sure this article belongs here.

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