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What to do with goals that are no longer applicable but still have 7 day horizon?

For example, a goal to spend X hours per week on a certain project. If one finishes the project early, or the project gets cancelled, you’ll be left with (at most) a week left over of a goal that needs to be updated but cannot be.

Or a goal that just doesn’t make sense anymore. I had a set of ladder goals to build the habit of cycling on my stationary bike. One binary goal to track getting on my bike, another to do at least 10 minutes cycling, another to do 30 minutes, and yet another goal to track total of minutes on the bike.

After some time, it became evident that I had established a strong habit of daily exercise over 30 minutes, and I only need the one final goal to track total minutes, and no longer need the three additional “ladder goals”.

I suppose one way is to message support. But I don’t necessarily like interacting with humans for something like this… that’s a little odd to me. Maybe that’s just The Beeminder Way and I need to get used to that?

Yep, “The Beeminder Way” sounds like a fair way to put it.

However, in the example you describe with “ladder” goals, sounds like the simplest thing to do is to set up the archive and keep doing them for the week – I’d probably tell you that if you emailed in about those ones. If they’re established habits, it won’t hurt to have to keep doing them for a week… and if actually you think you might not and you might derail, well. That’s telling you something, isn’t it? That kind of situation is part of what the akrasia horizon is for, to ensure you can’t impulsively decide to stop your goal all of a sudden.

For the one with finishing the project early, or the project being ended, that is indeed something support will help you with!