Widget disappearing on Main Screen

My widget works but disappears after some time (hours). Request me any type of information if you needed. My phone model is Redmi Note Pro 8, with MIUI (Xiaomi) as OS. Any ideas?

That means an Android OS, right? In which case, it might be best if you send in a report via Settings>Send Feedback, and include the diagnostic information, so the developer can get a look at all the diagnostic info.

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marcmarti and I worked through some troubleshooting things in support, and then I found a bunch of folks having the same thing happen on Redmi phones. It appears to be related to their backup system.


I did not see anything we can do in the app to stop this. :frowning:


Oh, I think that it is an hypotesis only, but new OS system on Xiaomi (MIUI 11) seems to have fixed this, as well as some other troubles with other apps I was having :slight_smile: