Wolfram Data Drop

Now, IANP (I ain’t no programmer), but this sounds like it could be really useful around these parts.

I used some Mathematica back in college so I happen to still get some e-mails from them. Saw this post and forgot to mention it here.

I can’t seem to find pricing for now, but I don’t think it’s cheap now (only in Beta).



Thanks for mentioning this! I had also recently spotted it on the Wolfram blog and said this about it in a daily beemail:

Wolfram Data Drop: Lets you accumulate data from anywhere (including lots of devices as well as email and twitter and such), do fancy analysis of it, and query it. Would be cool to be able to point a Beeminder goal at a Wolfram Data Drop as its data source.


Well I’m a dumbass. I searched the forum but not my gmail. You actually mentioned it in two daily beemails! One in April and another in March.

Either way, it’s cool to think about how all these different web services are beginning to interact and you guys are right near the front edge of it!


As far as I can tell, the Web API for Wolfram Data Drop so far only lets you add data, not query and retrieve data.

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You can query it in Mathematica which also means you can create an API for querying it in other languages, using the Wolfram Programming Cloud. I guess this would all be more appealing if that were less roundabout. Of course Wolfram Data Drop is brand new so maybe they’ll add an API for querying.