Most topics belong here! Things to beemind, other tools and lifehacks, behavioral economics, commitment devices, hyperbolic discounting, Beeminder features. Everything previously discussed on Akratics Anonymous.


Here is a place for topics related to programming and APIs. Certainly not limited to Beeminder's API. If you're trying to figure out something on the technical side of engineering yourself, discuss it here.


For kvetching, kvelling, and kibitzing. Share your stories! Get moral support! Offer advice!


This is for bugging us bees about bugs and feature requests. We haven't yet migrated from Uservoice but if this proves popular then we will!


This category is for guides and tips and FAQs for Newbees! It's extremely valuable for us to answer seemingly naive questions because we learn so much about how to make Beeminder less confusing and off-putting to newbees (something the future of Beeminder very much depends on). So please ask away!


Discussion of the commits.to commitment logger.


For discussing TagTime, the stochastic life tracking tool.


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.