1000 days of user-visible improvements

New blog post! http://blog.beeminder.com/uvi

We worked really hard on this article (check it out for Bethany’s
pixelated bee image at the very least!) to make the case to other
startups how insanely valuable it is to mind a public changelog. Both
as a commitment device (of course) and for the signaling value for
your users. It tries to lean hard on Paul Graham’s credibility, who
basically says that if you do something like this you can make your
success probability 90%. I hope that doesn’t make it sound over the
top! We’re convinced that Beeminder would’ve failed without beeminding

It’s currently on the 2nd page of Hacker News and we’re hoping to get
a discussion started there. Bethany and Andy and I have all commented
there already…

http://dreev.es – search://"Daniel Reeves"
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