a thread of derailment and non-legit examples

I know it is a late response but I will say that I have found that fine print can sometimes lead to issues. I have found when I have specific excuses I would over use them. What I have done is for a couple goals there are no excuses. Meaning if I want to skip I have to be sick enough that I am willing to pay the amount. For the rest I have fine print that says I have to get permission from my boss as a service. If they approve the exception I can add a data point if not then I derail. Now usually my boss checks in with my twice a day. However on weekends its once a day.

So a lot of times I dont know for sure if it will actually be approved or not. So a lot of times I end up realizing that I really can actually do it and I am just trying to make an excuse. The only thing that I am okay approving an exception without asking my boss 100% of the time is a migraine as I go partially blind, have a bad headache and throw up a lot. Usually I just email beeminder support at that point once I can see again. But other than that I must ask my boss about it.