Text message on goal derailment?

I’m obviously not a newbee but I think this is a fairly newbee question lol…

So I get beeminder alerts by text, but when I actually derail on a goal I don’t get a text alert for that.

The only indicators that I’ve derailed are, I believe

  • that the goal may, depending on goal type, get a “0” data point that says “recommitted”

  • the email checking if it’s legit.

So - is there a setting to get text alerts on derailment, and I just missed it somehow? Is this an option?

If not, it really should be!


Hmm, sounds right! Just would have to make it clear that that text wasn’t the equivalent of the legit check email. Thanks for this suggestion!

(I’d say it shouldn’t be a setting but it arguably should just always do that if you have the SMS bot turned on for that goal. You could think of it as the infinity-th zeno alert?)


Yeah it could say something like “derailed on Goal X: legit-check email sent to your@email.com

And thank you!


I’ll set up my phone to toggle a notification on or off with each zeno alert - does the aleph-zeroth alert turn it on or off?