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A17's September Journal.

So I suppose I should start.

I don’t actually have long to post anything of note: I have the Cold Turkey app on my computer, and 12:30am currently serves as the time everything shuts down. I have 13 minutes.

Functionally, I don’t know if I even need 13 (now 12) minutes to say anything. What’s happened is the following:

  • every night at 11:30am my computer blocks all the fun sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • at 12am it blocks all sites sans my Gmail (in case of emergencies), Headspace (to meditate), a few other necessities, and Beeminder. At 12:30 it defaults to the lock screen.

For now, the closest thing I can get to fun is to write in Beeminder or tidy my room… so here we are (for 10 more minutes, at least.).

I’m still getting to grips with Beeminder. I’m still not entirely sure what a retroratchet means, just as I’m not sure what a lot of this stuff means. The first time I started Beeminder I did OK, apart from I found myself beeminding in the middle of my exam period and unable to keep up with the app. Lesson learned. Things are different this time.

This time I have a very loose plan: lose 0.7lbs a week. Doctors tend to say that around 2ish lbs is the maximum one should aim to lose - I’m currently 6’1 and 270. 0.7 lbs a week averages to 0.1 lbs a day. If I can stick to that, eventually I can step towards 1.4 lbs a week, and then 2.1 lbs.

The hope is to add a certain amount of steps done once I get a fitbit watch to go alongside my weighing scale. For now I just want to learn the basics. This month’s entries is just me coming to a forum to log how I’m doing, I guess.

I think there’s more I’d like to say, but we have one minute.


I’m updating this!

So this is as far as I’ve gotten:

I’m on a weight loss goal. I’m not fully certain how Beeminder works, but I ended up weighing significantly more than I wanted to last time I weighed myself and had to pay $5. I don’t think I’ve quite worked out how much my weight naturally fluctuates as I don’t have enough data points to really analyse it, but these are things I am learning.

After my weight went up, the line on the chart increased accordingly, saying I had (however) many days until I derailed again. I wanted to see if I could experiment by not weighing myself until that point - the experiment broadly worked (I am barely underneath the weight I want to be at), but I think I was working better when I was weighing myself daily.

These are the areas I’m going to keep an eye on for future:

  • If I ever end up with my weight going over the limit it is supposed to, I need to get myself back on track as quickly as possible. I’m going to reduce whatever buffer is every time I go off track until I feel I’ve met where I’m meant to be.

  • Likewise, I’m going to figure out just how much my weight fluctuates and (somehow) adjust accordingly.

The more I think about it, the more I’m beginning to realise that there is an entire community on this little beeminder forum. I’m not particularly accessing that (yet). I’ve just gotten back from a month-long work-holiday, I’m about to go back to uni, and I’m nearing the end of a gigantic life project. I’m going to keep the weightloss goal in stead as I go - adding tweaks here and there, and updating this diary as often as I can.

But at at some point - and hopefully it will be some point soon - I’m going to bring about the good sense in myself to see the community of beeminders who are further along their weight loss journey than I am, and I’m going to begin asking for advice on weight fluctuations, how often to weigh oneself, and so on.

A17 x


Welcome, and good luck! As you mentioned there are indeed lots of folks on this forum with experience and willingness to help answer questions and give advice on how to get things set up in a way that makes sense for you.


I have a million opinions about beeminding weight! Caveat: I’m super crazypants.

My first opinion is that you should get as much data as possible and weigh in every day. I have a separate weighins goal to make me do that even when I have safety buffer on my actual weight goal.

I’ve lost ~60 pounds using Beeminder and kept it off for years, but I
have only had one body that whole time so my advice comes from a
sample size of 1 :slight_smile:

I also weigh in every day, and most of the snags in my weight loss
goal were due to not weighing in when I should have. I think that
it’s pretty important to actually master the emotional/mental side of
weight loss more than most folks think. I would actually sit and
think and figure out why you are working on your weight, and where the
calories are coming from. Are you eating a lot of snacks? Are you
eating the right food for you? Both? Do you go out to eat a lot?
Figuring those things out were actually key for me, but I did them
after losing quite a few pounds, so I’m not sure if order really

Good luck!

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To beemind weight and also manage fluctuations (which are quite normal) you can try beeminding your trending numbers. I use which connects to Fitbit (feel free to ask for details on making the data entry automated).

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@dreev I think a BeeminderPedia is something to consider. And/or a drip campaign ( for new users, explaining terminology.

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@adamwolf - weighing in every day seems just about the only thing that’s ensuring I stay on track as it stands.

@apolyton - right now my instinct is to just make sure I do actually commit to things. Like, I’ve just learned what an Akrasia Horizon is - it’s a line on the graph to say “no changes you make are going to take place until after this point”. Retroratchet means to change your goal to start acting from where you currently are if you’re doing very well.

I’ll pick all these things up - I just need to stick at it. Once piece of software that I will sing praises of forever is Cold Turkey. If it weren’t for the months and years of trial and error, though, I’d be clueless. It’s all about sticking with things.

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