Abacus bracelet - is there anything cheaper?

I really love the idea of using abacus bracelets to beemind stuff. I would love to have one but unfortunately I come from a third-world country and $30 (+shipping) is just way to expensive for me. (I earn $8/day).

Is there any alternative to it? Or maybe something cheaper?

Thank you so much! You’re wonderful.


It’s fairly easy to make one yourself if you can find some string and some beads.


Online you can find many tutorials on how to make some ranger beads for pace counting. They can be used for a similar purpose as an abacus bracelet. You would just wear them on your clothes instead of on your wrist.


Thank you, thank you so much! I’ll make one today!

Does anyone in this forum regularly use an abacus bracelet for offline beeminding during the day?

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I do not use an abacus bracelet. I do use a Counter Ring. Mine will change on its own a little, but it is meant for me to track nail biting/cuticle picking during 1 hour meetings, where I can’t get my phone out.

It works perfectly for me, but if you need it to track a number for a full offline day or something I suspect the Counter Ring will not hold the value well enough.

I have only had one, so it is possible my spring is just on the low side of tension.


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