Akrasia limit forcing me to derail while sick

I’ve seen this discussed but haven’t seen an answer. I get sick a lot, nothing I can do about it. I’m sick right now and I absolutely will derail on one goal within the next week, but when I try to schedule a break I am not allowed to schedule it to start until a week from now which is entirely useless to me because it will be too late by five days or so. I get that the idea is to keep people from weaseling out of a goal, but if I’m not allowed to get sick and take a break, tgen I don’t know how I can use this anymore.

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That sounds like something that could be covered by your fine print. Then, when you get a legitimacy check, reply that it wasn’t legit, as per the fine print.

For example, for a while, about a year ago, I included severe insomnia in my fine print. Support’s always more than fair. If anything, they err on the side of being too “fair”. It strikes me as unlikely that they’d charge you for failing to do something you couldn’t possibly have done in a given condition.

You could also have another graph, a meta graph, that allows you X sick days or hours of leave or points or whatever over any given month/year, so that “oh, yeah, I’m, uh, ‘sick’” won’t become a weaselling temptation.

Sorry you get sick so often :frowning:


Confirmed! And thanks for the quick and complete answer, @chipmanaged! Only thing to add: if our default leniency sounds dangerous, just check the “weaselproof me” checkbox. We won’t be completely hardnosed even then but we’ll give it a bit more structure than simply whatever you say goes.

Btw, we don’t have this in the interface yet but if being weaselproofed turns out to be too annoying, just say the word and we’ll turn it off (with a one-week delay).

Bottom line: reply to the legit check to say you were sick and we’ll stop the charge.

I had to email support a couple months back because I was about to derail on two goals when sick and they fixed it, no issue.


My view on this, which has been substantiated by every interaction I’ve had with support, is that if you’re in one of these emergency situations the possible outcomes are: 1) you enter fake data and get let off the hook automatically or 2) you get let off the hook manually by support. You’re going to get off the hook somehow, so you might as well not pollute your quantified self data at the same time!