Amazing Marvin Has Pledges Now

I know that a lot of people here are big fans of the Amazing Marvin. In the latest release they added stakes/pledges at a task and project level.

Here’s a video that details the feature. Starts at like 03:50.


This is so cool! I remember AM asking me to update a couple of days ago, and after doing that I saw the old release notes from March and I was a little bit confused but didn’t think too much about it. Without you posting this, I would have missed this feature, so thanks.

For pledges, I will probably continue to use forfeit for now because the ability to have photo and video proofs is so powerful, but I still like the direction into which AM is moving.

This or that as a decision making tool is also fantastic. I think there are discussions in this forum about making one to one comparisons for items from a list, and then getting the ultimate winner from that. Having that directly in the GUI is really cool.

Edit: This or that doesn’t actually work like I claimed. It just picks two tasks from a list (at random) and then you have to choose one.


So do you use forfeit more often than beeminder? I agree the photo/video proof aspect is extremely powerful.

Edit: after looking at your public goals, it seems like you’re still using beeminder a decent amount too – I’d be interested in hearing more about which you’re doing where and how you decide whether to use BM or forfeit. I realize this a is a bit off topic from the original topic so if you (the mods?) want me to open a new topic or take this offline happy to do that too.


At the moment, I am only using forfeit for high-stakes one shot goals that are really important and that I don’t really want to do like “paint the bed room closet” or “fix the AC cover.” I could use my Beeminder mustdo goal for such things, but historically, my fine print allows for some weaseling where I swap out goals arbitrarily so for that use case forfeit really helps.

For Beeminder, I am using and will continue using it for most of my habits that are not that high stakes, and that are also not weasily in sense that I know when to enter what.

I can see myself adopting forfeit for some of my Beeminder goals for which I have struggled with clean execution, for example, /gym comes to mind here.


These apps are so cool, but there are also so many, and they all shine at different stuff! I really wish Taskade and Amazing Marvin worked together.

As for now, I use workflowy for planning my goals, intend for minding personal priorities, a complicated intend<>todoist integration that makes timeboxing intentions possible, akiflow for aggregating my intentions with all the crap other people need that may have nothing to do with my overall goals (from MANY sources - Roam Research, Beeminder, JIRA, Notion, Todoist, Zapier, Starred/Flagged emails etc. Then use akiflow to timeblock everything. It’s taken a while to get everything into akiflow and I still have annoying manual steps (mostly around intend/workflowy).

No app yet seems to be able to take the very human pencil and paper type feel (workflowy) and the very connected, collaborative, AI assisted project vibe (taskade), and 2 way completion synced timeboxing (akiflow) together and do them well. When I just finished a task and it’s well and truly done, the last thing I want to do is manually go find the tasks source and mark it done again. Amplenote is close in spirit, but feels so clunky and you basically have to convert a collaborator to the Amplenote religion for them to use it with you.

I suppose I’m asking a lot, and I haven’t tried Marvin in years. I’ll give it another go. It still seems light on 2-way integrations which is critical for me to change workflows, but we’ll see. Thanks for sharing this.


I just wanted to come back here and say amazing marvin has tons of webhook actions based on all kinds of things related to the objects in AM (tasks, projects, habits, etc). It seems like a beeminding autodata paradise on top of all the other stuff it does.
CleanShot 2024-06-20 at 18.48.44


I’m right there with you, forfeit + boss as a service + beeminder in combo have amazing synergy (experimenting with taskratchet as well)


Just checked out amazing marvin’s accountability pledges. Looks like they can’t be due at specific times, just end of day ?

Seems like this would make me procrastinate until midnight, as well as complicates time zone changes…

Maybe I’m wrong though ?

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