Any chance the Android app will be open source? I want to add settings

So I love the Android app - it would be perfect if it just had the option to change all settings for goals.

Is there any chance source will be available like the iphone app? I want to add in all the settings so I can change them from the app, and maybe make a grid showing settings for all goals at once.


Yes! I have a couple things on my wishlist for Android widgets, too.

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This doesn’t answer your question (I have no insight over the Beelords’ plans) but take a look at the API if you get the chance. Easy to use and you can do everything you can do on beeminder (and more!).

Hi all,

We do want the app to eventually be open source, but we’re not really sure when that’ll be. (There are some other priorities above that right now, I’m afraid.)

As for the settings, we don’t actually want then all on the app, at least not now. (It’s really meant to be a companion app to the website, as opposed to a stand-alone, for the time being.)

Is there a setting in particular that you find yourself often looking for on the app and wishing it were there?

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Rate and max safe days in particular - those are the main “adjustable” ones that I’m always fiddling with. Having graph boundary settings on there would be really great too.

When it becomes open source, I’ll add all of them, especially:

  • rate
  • safety buffer
  • max safe days / autotrim
  • pledge
  • mercy days
  • graph x and y min and max