Apology For Ratchet incident

On the 28th I made post about the “Great Autorachet Flippening”. I asked a question and then tried to google the answer. I found what I thought was the answer but it clearly was not. I should have been more through and read more than just a few posts in the thread. I saw that a few people seemed upset about a change that I misunderstood. I apologize for the trouble I caused. I will make sure to be more thorough in the future before posting.

The beeminder forum is a great community and I never want to do anything to mess it up.


wait, so it doesn’t stand for what you quoted there? i’m a bit confused.

personally, i wasn’t / am not immediately upset about what’s talked about there. it didn’t sound like this will be the next big change implemented already this month or so, it sounded more like a broad-horizon-suggestion that we could all still meaningfully impact with our insights / comments.

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I felt like some people took the quote to mean that there would be no way have a goal go beyond 30 days. Though from the latest bee mail it might make that more of a paid feature. Also they are heavily leaning towards 30 days not a week.


I appreciate your apology and I get the sentiment because I am the same type of person where I feel super bad when I misunderstand something and then cause a fuss about it [1].

At the same time, if you misunderstood something, then somebody else might misunderstand it too, so it’s a good thing to make the team aware of the confusion. I don’t think anybody is upset or feels like you disturbed the community. Quiet the opposite, you provided valuable feedback and therefore contributed.

[1] I once accused a lady at Target of stealing dumbbells out of my shopping cart to the point I was yelling at her.


No problem! All the “Great Autoratchet Flippening” stuff is still so half-baked. I’ve just been hashing it out with the daily beemail subscribers, which is amazing, but it’s overdue for a forum post. Lemme add clarifications in that other thread or maybe start a new thread with our latest thinking.

To be clear, I see it as a positive contribution that you looked up the old discussion and resurrected it! If ever in doubt, just ask me.