Argument: The Akrasia Horizon line should be 7 days out, instead of 6 days out on the graph.

There is a dotted line on Beeminder graphs that represents the Akrasia horizon. Edits to the rate of a graph only apply to after the Akrasia horizon of seven days.

However, an update a few months ago, perhaps more than a year ago, changed the position of the Akrasia horizon so that the dotted line for the Akrasia horizon (currently at 6 days) no longer matches up with the point in time on the graph where edits to the rate of a graph become active. (7 days)

This creates problems for two reasons, I propose.

Firstly, the Akrasia horizon represents the point at which after, you can make changes to the graph, no? So if it is placed on the graph 6 days out, there’s a gap of 1 day between where you can actually make changes (7 days out) and where the Akrasia horizon line lives. (6 days)

Secondly, I employ heavy, heavy usage of the purple swath to calibrate the rate of my goals. I credit it greatly to my return to beeminder as suddenly I have a tool that allows me to easily and quickly visually gauge whether the rate of the graph I have set is realistic or not, and allows me to precisely dial in the rate of the graph to be as lenient or as hard as I want it to be given past information about my performance.

HOWEVER, the purple swath does not render after the Akrasia horizon line of 6 days, while the inflection point of the graph for rate changes is at 7 days out, which makes it more difficult to gauge whether the rate change I’ve dialed in facilitates the rate I want based on the existing purple swath.

In addition to the above two reasons, it also has annoyed the total bonkers out of me and apparently maybe no-one else. I know this issue resolves whenever Beeminder rolls out the real time beeminder graph update, but in the meantime, this feels like an annoying, frustrating issue.

Thank you.