b2019's Beeminder Journal

I created a goal to write in my Beeminder journal once a week, and as luck would have it, it’s red today, on New Years Eve, so here we go!

I have been using Beeminder off and on for a few years now, and although I’ve often fallen off track or over-committed, or gotten into the trap of spending some minutes every night lying to Beeminder(!) - well I guess I’ve made every classic Beeminding mistake there is. Still I’ve been drawn back like a bee to…

Something feels a bit different this time however. I know this feeling when a change has ‘clicked’ in my head and I guess it speaks to the tricky but critical piece around intrinsic motivation and buy in.

Happy New Year everyone - expect weekly updates here - commitment $270. In the next update I’ll list all my goals and what’s working, whats barely hanging in there, and whats heading for trouble!


Good luck! My own $10 journal goal looks small in comparison (I just noticed that it started 2017-12-31, so I’ts been going for exactly 1 year, and has been very useful so far).

I for one will be following this journal. Hopefully knowing that people are reading makes you even more motivated to do well on your goals.

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Signing up :slight_smile: