Beeminder, Numerous app and Apple Watch Complications

I’ve had a very succesfull experiment using Beeminder with the Numerous app. It allows for displaying numbers and countdowns in a LOT of situations that Beeminder does not, currently.
Integration was not too easy, though. While I could use IFTTT to sync things like the exact value of a current Beeminder goal, beyond there wasn’t much I could do. I wrote an app running on a server to create several critical and unique Beeminder Numerous metrics:

  1. Time until next derail.
  2. Number goals currently red,orange,blue or green. (separate Numerous number for each)
  3. A “composite” Numerous metric for all goals in red,orange or blue. It is one number, the hundreds place is number of red goals, tens is orange on ones is blue. Thus, “231” would mean 2 goals in red, three goals in orange and 1 in blue.

These critical numbers can be put nearly anywhere: Embedded in websites, widgets on either Android or iOS or, my favorite, added on the Apple Watch as an app, a Glance or a complication. The complication is particularly cool (pictured below, it’s the “1D” for 1 day): My “time until derail” is right there everytime I look at my watch. This has been FANTASTIC in helping me stay on track with my goals, and the composite number has been great for me getting everything to green (or at least close).

The app view is also nice, and allows me to put other important numbers right there with the Beeminder ones. “Beeminder Blue” is the “composite” number I mentioned.

If you want this, the best thing would be to lobby the Beeminder folks to either integrate with Numerous directly or add a appropriate IFTTT triggers that would allow syncing (say, a trigger for whenever the time until derail changes and whenever goals in Red/Green/Blue change.
Thoughts? I could share my server code (It’s some fairly straightfoward Scala), though it’s not particularly good.


Nice! I’d love it if the Beeminder ios app could do this. Did you take this any further? Also see