Apple Watch viewing

Just wondering if anyone has something set up to view their beeminder goals on the Apple Watch aside from the notifications. Maybe a scrollable list of the goals and data. Just looking for ideas because one of my goals is to stay off my computer and phone. So I’m trying to access needed things via watch access. I know there are apps that do web clips out there. Also is there a beeminder Apple Watch view or complication in the works or being pondered?


I tend to go analog for this kind of thing.

Helps me focus my day if I write down my eeps and the goals I need to make progress on today.

Maybe there’s a half-way equivalent if something like Notes is available to view on the watch.

If a million people click the heart on the suggestion, then maybe something official will get prioritised and built.


Fine! I guess I’ll just have to exert myself and click the button.

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