Beeminder Penalties as Indulgences

Anyone ever decide to deliberately derail on a goal and consider the penalty paid to Beeminder as expiation for your transgression?

I admit I’ve been doing this a fair bit lately, especially with my restaurant/delivery goal. “I really should be making a lunch to bring with us instead of planning to eat at the coffee shop, but oh well. It’s the holidays! At least those nice people at Beeminder will get $5 out of my bad behavior!”

Not quite sure how to feel about this, heh. Am I the only one who thinks of Beeminder penalties this way?


Guilty as charged :slight_smile:


[melt!] As long as when you step back (ie, not just in the moment) it still feels worth it overall! If not, bump up that pledge cap! :grin:

Also, relevant blog post from @bee:


I haven’t ever thought “at least the nice people at Beeminder will get my $5”, even though they are nice people.

I am, however, someone who often thinks of derails as Bee does in the Beenice post–otherwise I get too bummed about derails, which is very counterproductive for me.


Yeah, I’ve definitely made the executive decision that it was worth paying the price, and didn’t feel guilty about it. I made that decision once on one of my $90 goals, too… It was worth it.

Actually, that’s probably a good way to figure out the “right” price threshold for a goal: how often will you be willing to pay that price to get yourself off the hook?