Beeminding different categories of writing

I wanna maintain writing progress across multiple different categories: say, academic work, a short story and a blog. How do people go about doing this?

I can’t stand time tracking unless it’s either RescueTime or TagTime. RescueTime doesn’t seem to be granular enough to extract which category I’m working on. I’m not super keen to set up TagTime at the moment (though seeing that it works with iTerm rather than having to use X may mean I pursue this).

I could use URLMinder, but then I would have to add URLs to the relevant goal and Beemind word count (rather than time, or number of edits like in Draft).

Alternatively, I could try and publish regularly and Beemind RSS feeds, but again I’d be tracking outcomes rather than inputs.

Any helpful thoughts?


Hmm. Interesting constraints. What about goals where you just enter 1 if you worked on it at all, and 0 if you did not? Would that work for you maybe?


Ah, I knew I was forgetting a trick! That’s a good one. I think that’s the right place to start


Another option is to track number of words written.