Beeminding my life

I will be describing here how I am beeminding various aspects of my life. This is just a start of the thread to make sure I follow though later. But as the title states my plan is to beemind most everything in my life.


I am going to break down things into sections starting with health goals and doing others on another day. As otherwise this will be a 20-page forum post. Without further ado here are my health goals.

Teeth and Shower:
The first two goals are showering and teeth brushing. I would tend to put off teeth brushing not completely stop. The reason being is I have what I call activation friction. Basically, I will want to do something but cant seem to motivate myself to do it. The same would happen with showering though to be clear its not like I would go 5 days or something without showering but sometimes might go 2 days.

The Beeminder goal has given me enough of a push to overcome the friction. Though also I would say the medication Lexapro also has helped some. As while I knew I had some bad anxiety issues I did not realize I was also dealing with some depression until further into my Lexapro treatment. Though these goals have been helpful even while on Lexapro as I still sometimes need a little push. Though I will say I am a bit ashamed I need these goals in the first place but they help so I am keeping them around. A good example of the goals success is my gums are no longer red and swollen they are a nice normal pink color now.

Beard & Hair:
I generally like my hair and beard at a shorter length. But I tend to procrastinate meaning I wait 3-4 months before doing it and I look like a cave man. This ensures I trim my beard about every 30 days and hair is trimmed about every 45 days. Keeping me looking non cave man ish.

Sleep Time:
Next goal is the sleeping more goal. Originally it was linked to my Fitbit that tracked my sleep. But it died and would not power on any more. Though I did not really like this goal anyways as it measured an output instead of a input. I cant control if I have restless night. So after the Fitbits death I changed the way it worked to measure input.

I use an app called Sleeptown. You set the time you want to go to bed and the time you want to wake up. When you are ready to go to bed you click start and it will start building a building. You can do this within two hours of your set bed time but not after your set bed time. Once you start building if you leave the app the building collapses. However if you don’t leave the app once you are within two hours of your wake time you can click a button and finish the building. Though the building will collapse if you pass your set wake up time. The nice thing about this app is it logs to Apple Health. So I can Beemind the time I am trying to go to bed and not on my phone. So this is what I use now as a data source. It has worked quite nicely.

Cook a meal:
So this one is has not really been used what it was meant for yet. The plan is to start getting Hello Fresh orders and count those as what I cook. However do to the car repairs of $700 this month that did not happen. So the health part of the name is currently inaccurate because while I have been cooking when I mark in the goal it has not been healthy. Hopefully this works out for May as I love Hello Fresh and their food is overall fairly healthy. Once this starts up I will ramp up the goals commitment.

Vegetarian for a day and then 2 and then…:
The idea of this goal is to slowly move to being a vegetarian. Starting off small with 1 day every 30. Then 2 every 30 and so on. After about a year I will be eating vegetarian about half the month. To generally be healthier and because I don’t like how the meat is made. But I know I need to do it slowly as a lifelong meat eater.

Calorie Burn:
Quite simple tracks calories burned via Apple Watch + Apple Health. This is to try and help my lose weight goal.

Again same as last, I have multiple fitness goals to make sure I stay fit and to keep me on my toes. This one tracks my steps taken. It is called steps2 since my Fitbit died just as I created a steps goal for my Fitbit, so I just deleted the other and created this one.

Zone minutes goal:
So when I made this goal I was using a Fitbit. Which uses zone minutes. The way it works if you do moderate exercise every minute counts as one minute. But if you got to cardio every minute counted as two. This was nice as I could get this goal done in half the time if I did a very intense workout. However, my Fitbit died. Now this goal uses the exercise minutes from my Apple Watch via Apple Health. Which means I no longer get 2X for cardio. But goal still seems helpful. Might rename it later.

Weight Goals:
The weight goals are pretty simple one measures my weight the other how often I weigh in. Earlier I had mentioned how input is better than output goals. Which I generally agree with. However this goal is mainly meant to force me to put other goals in place to actually get my weight down. So if the goals are not working and I derail it is time to adjust my other goals to make sure I do.

Where is the diet goal???
Yea about that… I kind of jettisoned every diet goal I have tried into the sun. I tried calories but did not hold out for the week because I wanted a bowl of cheese. Also just got annoyed with trying to calculate calories for homemade meals. Was basically just a guess. I tried a mindful eating goal but was not strong enough to ignore the beautiful sight of doughnuts or M&M’s or anything with sugar in in. Also did not control proportions well so it did not work. Kind of wish I had weaselproofing for these. As while annoying I think either one would have helped shed pounds like butter under a heat lamp. Hoping to find a goal I can stick too.

The End:
So those are all my goals for what I consider health related goals.

All goals mentioned (Note some are private and link will not work, though I guess they are not private anymore since I just posted them on a public fourm :joy:)


Update on diet. I am now trying the sardine diet. It’s something I made up. Basically up till 2PM each day I can only eat sardines or vegetables or fruit. No dipping sause allowed except mustard or any other zero calorie dip like air. I am out of ideas so why not? You can track as I sardine my epic adventure with schools of sardines.



This looks like a good diet, I want to try it.
I might buy sardines because of you tomorrow

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