Beeminding occasional bad habits

Any tips for Beeminding reduction of non-daily habits? Preferably as a do more goal?

I’d like to cut out my moment-of-weakness trips to the drive thru window. I’m gonna guess and say it’s a 3 times per month type thing, but it’s always because I’m hungry NOW or stressed out or something and I almost always regret it almost immediately :slight_smile:


I’m curious why you wouldn’t want this as a Do Less goal? (There’s plenty of reasons but I’m curious which one(s) you have in mind).

No specific good reason, other than I like to structure goals that way. It
probably makes sense to do less in this case (but no pessimistic
presumption b/c it’s not a daily thing).

I’m finding the triangular structure I’m using for caffeine goals works rather well for this. Caffeine didn’t use to be an occasional bad habit for me, but it’s become one through use of this goal!

Basic idea: Each day you score a number of points equal to the number of days since you’ve last indulged in the habit. This means you have a good “don’t break the streak” incentive.

I typically enter in a data point at the beginning of the day as a “I’m not going to give in” precommitment and then delete the data point if I break.

Community policing and discussion thread for my using this with caffeine.


Just beemind “Days I didn’t go to the drive thru”?
Set to 6 a week and retroratchet whenever you build up too much buffer.
(almost) Every day you get to reward yourself by putting in a 1 because you didn’t go.


You can treat the do more goal like to a school by having the goal be the amount or days that you went without going to a restaurant. For instance you could say that I went 22 out of the 30 days without eating out.