Beeminding trying out new stuff

I think it can be interesting to start beeminding “doing new stuff”.

For instance:

  • trying to pick up a new music instrument
  • trying to go to a new place to eat
  • talking to a new person

Because I often end up in a routine and go on for weeks until I realise I’ve been missing out on amazing stuff :sweat_smile:


Sounds like an interesting thing to try! Maybe using URLminder, like How To Beemind Nebulous Goals | Beeminder Blog? That way you would end up with a nice list of the new things you tried becaue of the goal.


Thanks for the tip! I totally forgot about URLMinder.
And yeah it would be nice to incorporate results. Or maybe I could make a website or some sort of shareable log. “Today I tried petting a dog in the street. This is what happened”

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I keep a table in Notion with “things I did for the first time in my life”. I don’t have a beeminder goal, just record things (together with date) as they happen.

I don’t know if it actually led up doing more new things, but it definitely led to being more aware of “hey, this is new!” whenever I do something new. And I recall those things better afterwards. So there’s more of a background sense that “yeah, new things happen to me” now.