Beeminding waking up early

I have not come up with a solution to making waking up early a habit yet. I always end up snoozing and sleeping through.

With the new implementation of arbitrary deadlines, I had an idea today.

Beemind doing 50 push ups with a deadline of 5AM (or whenever you want to wake up at).

sounds like a good idea in my head and could solve my oversleeping problem. will report back in a week!


Oh man, noon is the earliest deadline we support so far. We intend to make it 6am. Would that work or do you need 5am?

This is something that occurred to me too! Although in the rather more simple form of just submit a 1 to say “I’m awake!” and a deadline of your target wake-up time. I’m not sure such a binary system would work; morning Josh is not to be trusted, as is evidenced by the numerous times that he has pressed “dismiss” instead of “snooze” on the alarm. I like the idea of a more active goal being required.

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This is a really neat idea. I’m definitely not used to the arbitrary deadlines reporting system since it changed the days though, since I had a freakout over the weekend where I thought I had another day on one of my habits. I guess I had always used the “Monday” as my target even if the actual deadline was 3AM tuesday, and when these deadlines switched over, I don’t think the impact sunk in.

Either way, I’ll probably start using the deadlines at work too to ensure I’m not doing anything at home. Need to keep that balance.

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I have it set to 5AM and it looks to be working. is there any reason why it wouldn’t?

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that occurred to me as well. morning Kenny is not to be trusted.

My plan was instead of “am I awake”, I set the goal to be doing something that will guarantee me to be awake. examples could be

  • “Took a cold shower”
  • “Did 50 push ups”
  • “drank a cup of coffee”

all by 5AM.


Oh, right, that's 5am the next morning so counting for the previous day which may be confusing but maybe that works fine...

I don’t think beeminder is a good solution here, because half the time when I don’t get up I don’t remember turning of the alarm clock either.

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If it costs you increasing amounts for each time you miss it, you might find ways to make sure you do obey the alarm clock. (Although your sleep quality will probably decrease.)

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your present self will eventually learn to not screw your future self over by getting into bed earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s my thought process at least!

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any idea when earlier deadlines will be implemented? I’d like to set my deadline to 7AM but that’s not possible right meow.


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Two tricky prereqs: Section 2 of the spec, and generalizing zeno polling to start on the previous day, which is maybe important if you have a deadline before noon.

I have successfully beeminded wake-up time for a few months.

As alway, the key is to make it easy. The main avoidable difficulty is fatigue. I had already stabilized my circadian rhythm, so that the wake-up time was exactly when my body naturally wants to wake up. And I combined it with an in-bed-by goal, so that I’d be well-rested at wake-up time. Those precautions transformed the wake-up goal: step out of bed when already awake, instead of willing myself be become awake (and then something else on top).

With that in place, it was enough to beemind only the physical act: 1 point for getting out of bed within 10 minutes of the alarm clock time.

(Later, childcare superseded the need for an alarm clock.)


@kkyang How’s this going for you so far? Tracking sleep is one of the things I’ve never been able to make stick - but your approach is really smart, and has convinced me to try it out myself! I like the idea of doing push ups, but I’ll stick to just checking in for now =)

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I haven’t been able to implement what I suggested yet because I’ve been having late nights and 6AM is the latest it’ll go for now!

I’ve been using “no snooze” as a goal for now.

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