Our payment processor, Stripe, who we love so much that little hearts are floating off my fingertips as I type this, now makes it dirt simple for us to accept bitcoin payments. (Like literally adding a bitcoin="true" to our javascript.)

Except it’s not quite that simple because with credit cards we keep your credit card number on file and charge you iff you derail. With bitcoin the only reasonable way to do this is to have you transfer money to us up front. That’s not super compatible with the underlying psychology of Beeminder. Sword of Damocles and all that.

What do you think?

My suspicion is that people care about this more in theory than in practice so lets have you put your money where your mouth is and donate a thousandth of a bitcoin just to prove you care and that paying by bitcoin is actually convenient for you, in actual practice. (:

PS: There’s also a Uservoice thread about Bitcoin from two years ago.

Not sure if this is just a Stripe limitation but Bitcoin allows multi-signature transactions, so it should be possible (if not currently easy) to set things up so that I sign my part of the transaction and you only sign yours in the case of a derailment.

Although there is still a small can of worms around double spending to myself before I derail, but I guess that falls in the pool of all the other options for weaseling (most of which are easier to do.)