Blog post comparing Beeminder to the Seinfeld Hack ("don't break the chain")

We’ve been saying this for years so thought we’d finally turn it into a blog post that’s easy to link to whenever the topic of streaks or don’t-break-the-chain or the Seinfeld hack come up.

Yeah it’s super true. The first comment (about quitting Duolingo when the chain breaks) happened to me too.


I like the comment in the footnote: “For some people, avoiding giving Beeminder their credit card is itself powerful motivation.”

I know it’s been said before, maybe often and maybe in different ways. But for some reason it hit me this time. It describes me perfectly. I still have one freebee left and I think I only had one legitimate derailment so far.

The day will eventually come that I need to give you my card. But the four things I’m Beeminding are constant and about all I can track right now. When I find the need to use my last freebee, I’ll be even more motivated.