Buffer vs living on the Eepge

How do you prefer to keep your roads: always red, so beeminder buzzes around you all day until you get work done, or yellow/blue/green, so you have the peace of mind of a few days of buffer?

I’ve kept everything red everyday until now, basically turning beeminder into a kind of personal assistant that always tells me what to do next (i.e., anything that’s still red).

Unfortunately that means that if you feel like you really need a day of rest, you’re stuck deciding whether your couple dozen derailments are legit or not.

I’m leaning towards switching to the green side of the road but I’d like to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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I personally like having everything in red because my akrasia is super strong. If a goal is green or blue I rarely ever get to it unless it is red. I make this work by ensuring that all of my goals have very reasonable/low rates (e.g. study Kanji for 6 minutes a day). Every day I am blanketed with a sea of red goals but they take no more than 30-45 minutes to do.

That hasn’t work out very well for me because work/life will always give me unexpected stuff to do that are not beeminded.

i currently have 1-2 goals in the red and aiming to have everything green (never achieved). currently 30 out of 34 goals are green, probably the best percentage I ever had :smiley:

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