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"Catching up" on TagTime


On certain kinds of pressure-heavy days, I’ve tended to ignore TagTime entirely. This makes my data imprecise and very lopsided. On the most crazy days, my data isn’t recorded, which means there’s a pretty big bias in the data, and I can’t really even track the impact of these pressure-heavy days. I have a plan for moving forward, but I’d like to backfill some of this, without it being a huge project since, as always, it’s happened around a very busy time.

Any suggestions for how people have caught up on TagTime backlogs/backfilling in the past? Have you just chosen to abandon that data, or do you try to piece things back together? And how?

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i think you just have to guess. write down a plausible schedule without looking at the ping times, like “11pm-7am: sleep; 9am-5pm: work, but with 3 hours of distraction so call it 9am-2pm work, etc etc” once you’ve written that all down, go back and back-fill all the pings as if the schedule you guessed was literally and exactly true