Change my username?

Is it still possible to change your username (on beeminder, not the forum) ? I recall doing it before but can’t seem to find it now, was this option removed??

This sounds like a job for @shanaqui and their army of fluff!

Sort of! It’s possible for us to do it for you. Please email us at using the email address registered with your account (so we can look you up from your email and be satisfied you own the account!) and telling us what you want the username changing to, and we’ll get it sorted out for you. The only caveats are that:

  • the username you want must be available
  • you understand that any links you’ve put elsewhere to your goals (e.g. on twitter) will break and no longer find your goals
  • you understand that any IFTTT and Zapier stuff you have set up will get confused and need to be redone
  • possibly API stuff might need rejigging as well, if you do any of that?? But if you do, you’re likely to know whether that will change anything better than I do!

(Thanks for @ ing me and drawing my attention, @phi!)

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